Negotiation Consulting & Support

Our consulting services focus on your organization’s negotiation setup and improve your organization’s negotiation readiness:

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Our Team

will partner with you to plan, prepare and execute your most important negotiations. Using the most advanced negotiation planning tools in the world and a unique end-to-end methodology, we help you take control of the negotiation process in order to build agreements and optimize business opportunities.

Our approach includes any or all of the following:

  • Selecting and structuring your negotiation team.
  • Drafting compelling business proposals.
  • Guiding focused team-planning/preparation sessions.
  • Overcoming Intercultural Barriers.
  • Identifying and maximizing strengths.
  • Identifying and minimizing weaknesses.
  • Leading or supporting negotiation teams.
  • Providing input in all phases of negotiation.
  • Advising for Plan “B” (alternatives) and post-transaction issues.

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